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Welcome to my portfolio, a curated collection encapsulating my academic pursuits and professional endeavors within the expansive domain of mechanical engineering. Predominantly centered around Dynamics, Vibrations, Chaos and Controls, the showcased works represent the core of my scholarly engagement as a doctoral candidate in this field. Within these pages, you will find a meticulous exploration of the intricate interplay between forces, oscillations, and the nuanced orchestration of control systems.

Current Projects


"Out of Chaos comes Order" -Friedrich Nietzsche

I derive immense joy from engaging with chaotic systems, exploring the unpredictable outcomes they generate. The fascination lies in witnessing the transformation of simplicity into intricate complexity within these systems. The sheer marvel of observing how seemingly straightforward elements can give rise to dynamics of profound intricacy is a source of perpetual excitement for me.

Presented here is a modest showcase, offering a glimpse into the captivating world of chaos through a demonstration of the Julia set and the Mandelbrot set and its manifestation in fractal boundaries.  It is a visual representation of my ongoing curiosity and exploration into the extraordinary phenomena that unfold within chaotic systems, unveiling the hidden order within apparent disorder.


"Life, at times, resembles a state of bistability, teetering between what is and what could be"

Bistability manifests intriguingly in nature, exemplified by the dynamic behavior of Venus flytraps. This phenomenon denotes a system's ability to exist in two stable configurations, allowing seamless transitions between states without a continuous application of force. Exploiting this inherent quality opens avenues for practical applications, particularly in energy harvesting. Our research endeavors revolve around modeling such complex systems, employing discrete models of a von Mises truss. Additionally, we delve into the intricate interplay of material parameters, specifically exploring the impact of viscoelasticity on the stability and dynamics of these systems.

Beyond theoretical exploration, the practical implications of bistability stretch across various domains. Mechanically actuated logic gates, for instance, benefit from the inherent duality of bistable systems, offering a foundation for the development of robust and efficient logical components. In the realm of vibration suppression, bistable configurations prove advantageous for mitigating undesirable oscillations, contributing to enhanced stability in mechanical structures.

Moreover, our research extends its reach to the realm of metamaterials, where the unique properties of bistable systems can be harnessed to engineer materials with unprecedented functionalities. The potential applications range from adaptive structures to responsive materials that dynamically adjust their properties based on environmental conditions.

A Venus Flytrap which is an example of a bistable structure. Robotic grippers can often be manufactured using similar concepts
Bifurcation Diagram in a viscoelastic von Mises truss
Representation of a bistable structure using a von Mises truss

Design Projects

I enjoy designing things from scratch. I mostly use Solidworks for designing. Although many of my projects might seem a 'waste' of time to some, it enables me to learn the intricacies of the software. Here are some of the projects that I enjoyed doing. I will keep updating this section in the future. In case you are interested and want to recreate these, drop me an email and I will be happy to share the part files with you.

Piston Cylinders on Camshaft

I became fascinated by the distinct features that set each F1 car apart. Assuming the external design, such as two Red Bulls, remains identical, what factors contribute to one car's greater speed against the other? One potential aspect could be the engine firing order, with one configuration leading to greater efficiency. I believe that these minute details significantly influence race outcomes. Motivated by this, I took on the task of constructing a simplified version of a 4-cylinder engine.

Software Used: SolidWorks

Learning Outcomes: Part Design, Assembly, Animation

Harry Potter Snitch_edited.jpg

The Golden Snitch

I have been a Potterhead right from my childhood and this is one of my fond projects that I undertook; the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter.

Software Used: SolidWorks

Learning Outcomes: Extruded Boss/Base, Reference Geometry, Curve Driven Pattern, Flex

Honeycomb Toroid

A honeycomb toroid or a toroidal core typically finds applications in inductors and transformer, noise suppression, magnetic sensors, and various medical devices.

Software Used: SolidWorks

Learning Outcomes: Mirror, Flex, Combine

A Bistable von Mises Truss

This truss can exist in two stable configurations, hence the name bistable. Proper tuning of the system parameters as well as the external excitation, may lead to stabilization of the unstable equilibrium in this system.

Software Used: SolidWorks

Learning Outcomes: Part Design, Assembly, Mates in Assembly

Slider Crank Mechanism

Changing the length of the connecting links and the speed of the rotor allows us to get excitations of various amplitudes and frequencies. 

Software Used: SolidWorks

Learning Outcomes: Part Design, Assembly, Mates in Assembly


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Ghoshal, P. (2022, March). A neural network based approach to solve problems of Newton-Euler mechanics. In AIP Conference Proceedings (Vol. 2469, No. 1). AIP Publishing.

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Past Projects

Installation of Additional Refrigeration Condenser to Increase Plant Throughput

1. Spearheaded the proposal of modifications to the Alkylation plant, driving a substantial increase in plant throughput.

2. Analyzed Process Flow Diagrams, Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, and performed meticulous calculations of mass flow rates, heat duty, and log mean temperature difference.

3. Applied advanced pinch analysis techniques to optimize the heat exchanger network, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced consumption.

4.Engineered innovative modifications to the cooling water supply pump, refrigerant coolers, depropanizer systems, and compressors, culminating in a remarkable 40% enhancement of plant throughput.

Compressor Rotor

Designing a Motorized Nasal Aspirator

Designed a motorized nasal aspirator suitable for all age groups, using Autodesk Maya for the design process.


This aspirator addresses the limitations of existing market solutions by offering adjustable suction levels, a unique vacuum regulator, and interchangeable, easy-to-clean components.


Aimed at enhancing user comfort and safety, the design includes a motor pump regulated for safe vacuum levels across different age groups, a non-invasive catheter system for gentle suction, and a blower mode for effortless cleaning. The aspirator's cost-effectiveness and the use of BPA and phthalate-free materials further underline its appeal in pediatric and adult care, particularly for patients with bronchitis. 

Prototype Model
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