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My Portrait


Doctoral Candidate at Purdue University

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Here's who I am & what I do

My name is Pritam Ghoshal. I am a Doctoral Candidate at Purdue University in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I am currently working in the Ray W. Herrick Laboratory with Prof. James M. Gibert and Prof. Anil K. Bajaj.

As a mechanical engineer I'm not just deciphering equations; I'm orchestrating a mechanical ballet of ideas and solutions. Here's where you'll find the latest that's going on in my journey.

An Avid Traveller and A Photographer


The first picture is of the famous Bell Tower at Purdue. The second picture is a closeup of some Bougainvillea in a local  park. The third picture is of Howrah Bridge, from my hometown Kolkata, India. It is the sixth longest suspension bridge in the world. The fourth picture is that of St. Peter's Basilica from my time at the NODYCON conference in Rome.

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